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Listudio LLC based in Silicon Valley

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March 2013



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USD $9.99

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USD $5.99


WardenCam is a smartphone utility released in March 2013. It's a way to turn your unused smartphones into your security camera app for many applications. See our features section for more information.


WardenCam promotional trailer


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About Listudio LLC

Listudio LLC, formerly Love Invention Studio, is an independent developer based in Silicon Valley. It is a result of a success app release and several engineers that get together, to become a complete team that focuses on apps and related hardware development to reuse old smartphones. Our first product WardenCam has achieved almost 5 million downloads from Google Play store. We plan to release other apps in the near future to achieve the goal of reusing old smartphone instead of sending them to landfills.

Third Party Credits

WardenCam uses LGPL builds of FFmpeg - primarily for splitting, wrapping, decoding and encoding of our video. We do not modify the libraries of FFmpeg. Since our app is designed to be dynamically linked with the libraries of FFmpeg, we believe that WardenCam falls under the definition of a "work that uses the library", rather than a "work based on the library". For more legel information please see FFmpeg's legal notice.


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